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We offer entirely customizable tutoring solutions. 100% guaranteed to be 1000% fun.


Individual tutoring is offered in a variety of subjects. Tutoring is tailored to your child's individual needs and goals. Our focus is on inspiring your child to love what they are learning and our sessions reflect this by being creative, engaging, and differentiated!

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Small Group

Tutoring is also offered in predetermined small groups. This works best in groups of 2-5 children when all participants are focusing on the same subject matter. For example, if you and another parent or a group of parents would like your children to focus on similar subjects, we will work with them together. This can be especially fun for the children. We make sure to provide an equal balance of work and play! Our goal is that participating in small group learning will boost your child's skills, confidence, and willingness to focus on the subject.


Kindergarten is a very special time for children and their families. It is also a time when families can feel stressed about preparing appropriately, and that's where we come in! If your child is entering school in the coming weeks, months, or even years, we can help them get ready for the fun that awaits by learning and practicing letters and numbers, familiarizing them with books, preparing for further socialization, and boosting their excitement and enthusiasm for the learning adventure to kick off. In turn, we find that their families are able to enjoy this special time to the fullest.


We offer Tutoring Plus for parents who are looking for individualized, high-level, intensive interventions for their child. If your child has learning differences or is struggling to keep up with grade level expectations in class, we offer high quality support with a licensed, veteran, credentialed teacher with a graduate-level education. We will also collaborate with your child’s teacher and provide a tailored plan that meets your needs.


Include Otto Learning in Your Tutoring Package

Through Amore's new partnership with Otto Learning, Amore students can access Otto's AI-powered voice-recognition software that helps emerging readers practice and improve their letter sound skills, a foundational early literacy skill.  Research tells us that this is one of the most important and time-intensive skills for emerging readers to master – and it can only be mastered through repeated exposure with real-time error correction and modeling. Otto gives students real-time feedback and modeling, ensuring that they get the support they need to master letter sounds. Be sure to let us know in your inquiry message if you'd like to add on this package!

Accelerating Student Learning With
High Dosage Tutoring 

For students who require more needs or who are below benchmark, it is recommended that they take part in High Dosage Tutoring. Studies have found that the most effective tutoring interventions involve three or more sessions per week with sessions that last for about 30-60 minutes per day. 

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