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Our enrichment classes go above and beyond what's possible in the traditional school classroom.


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Fashion Design

Move over Coco, Gianni, Stella, and Ralph! There are some new fashion designers in town who can't wait to share their styles. Bring your creativity and self-expression to this fun course in which students will create their very own fashion line. We'll each name our own brand and create a logo, explore styles from different designers, and learn from actual fashion experts themselves as we design our own look books. We will also come up with ad campaigns and possibly even have our own fashion show! Join us for a celebration of fashion and friendship in this unique course offering.

Graphic Novels

Whether or not your child is an avid graphic novel enthusiast, they are sure to become one in this fun, imaginative, and confidence-building course! We will create characters and plots, and use them to write stories and even chapter books. We have found that exploring the world of graphic novels has helped even the most reluctant writers to embrace the writing process. The individualized skills we will teach allow writers of all skill levels to come up with an idea, put pen to paper, and feel great about the process and the final product! We will focus on having fun while boosting writing skills in a warm, nurturing, and creative environment. 

Almost Famous: Becoming a Pop Star

Is your child ready to be a star, or at least pretend to be one?  Not only is this a unique opportunity for your child to dream big and learn new skills, but we also offer a deeper look into what the world of stardom is all about. Students will come up with stage names, create audition tapes, practice auditioning techniques, learn improv skills, play games, and act out stories and scenes. Join us this fall to uncover the exciting world of performing on screen, culminating with a video of something special created by your child!

Creative Writing: Journaling in Nature

Some say that nature has inspired some of the best writers, and this class will undoubtedly do the same with the National Cathedral grounds as its breathtaking backdrop. Each class, we will explore a new location in nature and celebrate different writing styles that may be inspired by it. We will fill our journals with fiction free-writes, graphic novels, poetry, and lots more! This course will conclude with a Publishing Party.

*Create Your Own*

Have an idea? Let us bring it to life! We are open to all course suggestions and requests.

Stage Acting

Does your child have a flair for the dramatic? Discover the craft that is stage acting! This course will uncover the secrets of the stage through acting, directing and prop creation, culminating with a final product that we as a class will create! This multidisciplinary course will help your little actor find their light and leave knowing there is no business like show business.

Shakespeare 101

There's no "to be or not to be" about it - our Shakespeare class is for everyone! Kids ages K - 5th grade are invited to join Shakespeare actor and enthusiast Anna Theoni to learn all about The Bard. We will discover the heartbeat of Shakespeare through storytelling, writing, poetry, art, and acting. We will wrap up the course by inviting friends and family to our own Midsummer Night's Dream mini production! To thine own self be true, so come join us for this fun and unique offering!


Are you a bit of a poet and you think you may know it? Whether or not your child has developed a love for poetry, we promise them a fun and inspiring exploration of it in this engaging course. Students will learn, write, and discover many different styles of poetry in this all-encompassing course. We will conclude the course with a Poetry Slam! 

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