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Enrichment Classes

We currently offer enrichment classes at 20+ schools in DC, NY, CT, NJ, & Atlanta.

We customize each class to the unique environment of each partner school and are always happy to create classes from scratch based on requests. We also offer private enrichment classes on any topic under the sun.

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Creative Writing

Our original enrichment offering, Creative Writing is the course that inspired Amore Learning to exist! It is a no-brainer that writing creatively is the perfect intersection of boosting skills while having fun. We realized just how perfect it was when we saw skills soar, parents rave, and kids smile all the while! This course inspires writers of all ages and skill levels to engage with writing in fun and relatable ways. From creating characters and plot lines to responding to thought-provoking and often silly prompts, our Creative Writers create portfolios they will read and cherish for decades to come! This course will conclude with a final Publishing Party during which families will be invited to the classroom.

Graphic Novels

Whether or not your child is an avid graphic novel enthusiast, they are sure to become one in this fun, imaginative, and confidence-building course! We will create characters and plots, and use them to write stories and even chapter books. We have found that exploring the world of graphic novels has helped even the most reluctant writers to embrace the writing process. The individualized skills we teach allow writers of all skill levels to come up with an idea, put pen to paper, and feel great about the process and the final product! We will focus on having fun while boosting writing skills in a warm, nurturing, and creative environment. This course will conclude with a final Publishing Party during which families will be invited to the classroom.

Nature Journaling

Some say that nature has inspired some of the best writers, and this class will undoubtedly do the same through a mix of poetry, nature exploration, and even yoga/ meditation. Each class, we will explore nature and celebrate different writing styles that may be inspired by it. We will fill our journals with fiction, graphic novels, poetry, free- writing, and lots more! This course will conclude with a Publishing Party in an outdoor location chosen by each class. This course will conclude with a final Publishing Party during which families will be invited to the classroom.


Does your child have a flair for the dramatic? Discover the craft that is stage acting! This course will uncover the secrets of the stage through acting, directing and prop creation, culminating with a final product that we as a class will create! Through improv games, script reading and writing, and learning basic acting skills, this multidisciplinary course will help your little actor find their light and leave knowing there is no business like show business.


In this exciting new class, students will embark on a lyrical journey into the captivating world of pop music. Through the poetic lens of iconic pop stars, we will explore tales of triumph, love, and self-discovery. Dancing to the rhythm of poetry and the melodies of pop songs, students will craft their own verses inspired by the magic of musical legends. From the effervescent energy of Taylor Swift to the legendary wisdom of the Beatles, we'll journey through a history of pop music. Students will pen their own lyrical verses inspired by the magic of these musical legends. This course will include a combination of dancing, poetry, journaling, and unleashing your inner star!

LEGO Engineering

Who doesn’t love building with LEGOs?!? There is nothing better than the limitless creativity we all feel when left to our own devices with a bin of LEGOs. In this class, we will build (pun intended!) upon this excitement by teaching LEGO enthusiasts about engineering – how to make a plan, execute it, reflect upon it, and make changes for next time. Tapping into our executive functioning skills, we will use our imaginations to build new innovations while learning about the classics (Eiffel Tower, Burj Khalifa, Big Ben, etc). Please note that while this class has a focus on engineering and special weekly “challenges,” we will sprinkle in moments of free-play with LEGOs to satisfy that natural curiosity!

Creative Coding

Calling all aspiring coders to join us on a thrilling journey through the colorful and creative world of programming! In this class, we'll don our virtual coding capes and dive into the magical realm of Scratch, where you'll learn to bring your wildest ideas to life with just a few clicks. Imagine creating your very own interactive stories, animated characters, and even games that you and your friends can play! You'll be the mastermind behind your own digital universe, and the best part? No coding experience required! With Scratch, we'll unlock the secrets of coding through fun and easy-to-grasp concepts. Unleash your inner coding superhero, and let the coding adventure begin!

Fashion Design

Move over Coco, Gianni, Stella, and Ralph! There are some new fashion designers in town who can't wait to share their styles. Bring your creativity and self-expression to this fun course in which students will create their very own fashion line. We'll each name our own brand and create a logo, explore styles from different designers, and learn from actual fashion experts themselves as we design our own look books. We will also come up with ad campaigns and charity collaborations! Join us for a celebration of fashion and friendship in this unique course offering. This course will conclude with a final “Fashion Show” during which families will be invited to the classroom.


In our creative Arts course, we invite young artists to unleash their imagination, explore various artistic mediums, and nurture self-expression! Through a wide range of engaging activities, we will experiment with different techniques and styles, craft unique projects, and work collaboratively to encourage one another. With hands-on experiences, students will have opportunities to showcase their creations during class exhibitions, promoting a sense of confidence and accomplishment. Through creative workshops on abstract art, mixed media, and more, students will encounter diverse and exciting aspects of the art world, all while honing their critical thinking skills and developing a deep appreciation for art. Join us for a journey of self-discovery, self-expression, and a lifelong appreciation for the arts in a welcoming and inspiring environment!


Have you ever dreamed of creating your own business? Do you spend your time thinking of fun names for restaurants, and special menu items? Or maybe silly gadgets that no one has ever thought up before? How about inventions - have you ever come up with an idea that could make it big? In this class, we will explore a new business idea each week. We will focus on everything from bakeries to technology to sports and more, learn what it means to create an idea and run with it, and inspire a new generation of entrepreneurs!

Making a Magazine

Join us as we explore the wonderful world of magazines! Anyone who says print isn’t flourishing hasn’t picked up the latest edition of an Amore student’s mag! In this fun and engaging course, students will create their own mini magazines featuring artwork, a letter from the editor, writing reflections, interviews, ads, games, and so much more! We will tap into our creativity and sense of personal self-expression by selecting a magazine title and theme, and design the spread from cover to cover. This course will conclude with a final publishing party during which families will be invited to the classroom to hear what has been learned.

Pokemon Power

Step into a world of imagination, strategy, and endless fun! Calling all young Pokémon trainers – get ready for an extraordinary journey through the enchanting realm of Pokémon. In this dynamic course, we'll dive headfirst into the captivating world of Pikachu, Charizard, and all your favorite pocket monsters. Discover the fascinating universe of Pokémon as you embark on an exciting quest to become a Pokémon Master. You'll learn the art of capturing, training, and battling with these remarkable creatures while also developing essential skills like critical thinking, teamwork, and problem-solving. Explore the vast world of strategy and friendship that lies within the Pokémon realm. Through interactive activities, games, and creative challenges, you'll not only have a blast but also develop valuable life skills that will serve you well beyond the classroom.

Intro to French

Bienvenue, mes amis! In this introductory French course, we will explore the basics of French language as well as French culture. Students will learn days of the week, month, colors, simple phrases, and more. We will also learn about countries where French is spoken as well as famous French landmarks. Through song and conversation, we will turn our little learners into Francophiles in no time!

Movement & Mindfulness

Specifically created for kids who are looking for an athletic outlet other than (or in addition to!) traditional team sports, this class will combine yoga, barre, and mindfulness techniques to tap into physical and mental wellness. We will explore dynamic methods of movement each week (think: a fast-paced barre class with an awesome playlist! A gentle yoga series with balance poses!) and also spend a portion of class reflecting by writing in our journals. This class will teach little learners that fitness is all about how you feel, and how to do things you love to stay fit.

How to Human in 2024

Mind your manners! Join us as we learn all about etiquette in a modern world. Each week will include a different lesson that takes students far beyond the golden rule. We will explore subjects including how to properly introduce yourself, writing meaningful thank you cards, table manners, helping others, good sportsmanship, polite phone usage, and many others! With fun and engaging activities, kids are sure to walk away equipped with impressive etiquette for years to come. This course will conclude with a final “showcase of learning” during which families will be invited to the classroom to hear what has been learned.

Got something else in mind?

We are open to all course suggestions and requests.
Let's make your idea happen!


For a more personalized experience, we also offer individual and small group enrichment sessions for any of the larger-class topics or a custom area of your choice!


Individual Tutoring

Our private enrichment sessions are an amazing option for any children looking to
hone in on a particular skill or area of passion! Tailored to ignite curiosity and foster a love for learning, these customized sessions offer a personalized approach to education.


From creative arts to STEM subjects, our experienced instructors provide individualized attention, ensuring your child receives the support they need to thrive. With flexible scheduling and a diverse range of subjects to choose from, we cater to every interest and learning style.

Small Group Tutoring

We are thrilled to privately offer all of our enrichment topics to predetermined small
groups. Designed to inspire collaboration and foster a sense of community, these customized classes offer an exciting platform for children to explore their interests and develop valuable skills together.


Led by passionate instructors who specialize in creating engaging group dynamics, our classes encourage teamwork, communication, and creativity. Join us and watch as your child thrives in a supportive and stimulating environment where friendships flourish and learning becomes an adventure!

Enrichment Directors

Abby Maslin

Washington D.C.
Enrichment Director

For questions or partnership requests email:


Kendall McNeall

Atlanta, Georgia
Enrichment Director

For questions or partnership requests email:


Morgan Thomas

New Jersey
Enrichment Director

For questions or partnership requests email:

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