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In the News

Catch Chloe Kaplan and Abby Maslin on WJLA's Good Morning Washington on Monday, January 29th!

Chloe Kaplan, Mike Johnson, and Abby Maslin discuss teacher burnout and hopes for the future in September 2023.

Amore celebrates its 7th birthday! Chloe chats with Alison about new initiatives for our not-for-profit branch, Amore for All, in February 2023.

Founder Chloe Kaplan, tennis coach Starr Foster, and acting teacher Khail Bryant talk teacher appreciation with Alison Starling in May 2023.

Before Culture Club was part of Amore, it made a debut on Harris' Heroes back in October 2014.

ABC 7 comes to visit Coach Starr at Amore 4 All's tennis clinic in August 2021.

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