This has been such a crazy year. Thank you to the Amore team for bringing some sanity to our lives. You are single-handedly saving 2020!

-BYOB summer camp, River School parent

Thank you so much for all your hard work! I can't tell you how much the burden on me as "teacher" has been lifted during distance learning!

-J.L. Sidwell Friends parent

-Thanks for coordinating small group activities for our little ones. Times like these, creative people like you all really save the day.

-C.M., NCRC parent

Thank you so much for all of your work with our daughter this semester. She has started to think of herself as a writer--which is a spectacular thing considering that she doesn't (technically) read or spell yet! We can't thank you enough for working with her to cultivate her imagination, and we'll certainly be continuing the Creative Writing class. It's one of the highlights of her week, and ours. 

-Sarah & Matt, Horace Mann parents

We so appreciate that your focus is on personalized learning. It's incredibly refreshing.

-N.B. Murch parent

Your approach to education as something that kids should look forward to has really worked well for our kids, who were resistant to doing anything academic. They have changed their tune when it comes time for homework or any learning activity, and are actually excited about it.

-A.L.C. Maret parent

My son is obsessed with his Music Video class. Pretty sure he thinks he's going to be the next Harry Styles, thanks to you guys.

-K.L., GDS parent

A huge thank you to Chloe and Amore Learning. I contacted Chloe last year for guidance on whether to send my daughter to Kindergarten this fall. Chloe’s guidance, support, and fabulous idea of doing a small-group Kindergarten prep course this summer were invaluable in building my daughter’s (and my) confidence for the year ahead. We are now one week into a great first year of school and feeling so grateful for our experience with Chloe and Amore Learning.

-Emma B., Lafayette parent 

It is magical how the kids in Creative Writing have grown in creativity and confidence! We love what you encourage these children to do and achieve! Bonus - public speaking lessons in first grade!  

-Shannon, Horace Mann parent

I credit your class for getting my son excited about writing! He was very resistant at first and now he leaves notes for us all around the house. It also inspires his little brother to think positively about reading and writing.

-S.A., Hyde parent

I hope all students will benefit from your area of expertise as you have created a much needed company that fosters love of creative writing in our most precious gifts, our youngest students.

-Mamadou Gueye, Upper School Principal, Sidwell Friends 

My son in Kindergarten loves going to Creative Writing class so much he told me he wants the class to take place every afternoon! He was so upset when I told him he could only go once a week. Thank you for being such a fantastic teacher - one he would love to have everyday!
-Laura A.

Our son LOVES the class SO much!!! I am so so happy to find out that you are having this program, he stopped being scared of writing and is eager to learn.

-Debby, Hyde parent (and owner of Lady Camellia which we adore!)

Because of Creative Writing, Thursdays are my favorite day now! I wish Thursdays were every day. 

-Maddy, fourth grade student

I want to thank you so much for opening the doorway of how fun writing can be. My daughter enjoyed your class so much that she requested to take it again next semester. I think I might just have a future writer on my hands!

-A.B.J., Janney parent

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