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Whether you are looking for school selection support or student support, we know that navigating your child's educational path can feel like a daunting task of endless to-do's, questions galore, and missing puzzle pieces. We are here to help offer top-notch guidance and support.

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Our Packages

We offer several packages that can be tailored to fit your family’s needs. We offer a personalized, team-based approach, and after an initial consultation, we will work with you to develop a plan that helps your child succeed. 


Hourly Session

One hour can include intake and recommendations for acute, short-term needs.


8 Pack

 These 8 hours can be used for intake, recommendations, referrals, reports, and coaching calls.


Monthly Total Access

On-demand support up to 3 hours for one month including texts, phone calls, emails, classroom observations, whatever you need!


Annual Total Access

On-demand support up to 4 hours a month including texts, phone calls, emails, classroom observations, whatever you need! This package is available for a 12 month period.

Mindful Parenting

Every parent knows that having children is both amazing and incredibly hard! If you are looking for support in how to eliminate frustrations when your child does not listen to you or meet behavioral expectations, we will provide tailored advice, guidance and solutions to the challenges you are facing with your child. 

Neurodivergent Student Support

This package is for you if you are the parent of a child with diverse needs, ranging from sensory processing, attention, executive functioning, speech and language, and more. We offer support and guidance through the IEP process, when applicable, and design individual structures and supports to help your child access the learning and play they enjoy most!

New Math and New Reading Support

Both math and reading are not taught in schools the way we learned them. If you are seeking learning and guidance on how to introduce and reinforce academic concepts to your child in a developmentally appropriate way that integrates hands-on, multi-sensory learning, this is the package for you. You will learn the social skills needed to succeed in school as well as strategies on how to practice them at home.

Teacher Communication

Your child may be in a class with upwards of 30 other students. There are so many personalities, needs, and learning styles for the teacher to accommodate. As your child’s caretaker, you benefit from being informed of what to flag for your teacher, the right questions to ask, and what information is best to share with the teaching team. This may be an introduction and proactive learning for you, or you may be seeking immediate support with a challenging school dynamic. Whatever your needs are, we can provide you with structure and perspective to help everyone be on the same team for your child.

Kindergarten Readiness

Incoming kindergarteners need many skill sets as a foundation before entering the school year. In this package, you will receive support from us around the academic skills, navigation of social interactions with peers, emotional and sensory self-regulation skills, gross and fine motor development, and pro-social behaviors necessary to be successful in the first year of elementary school.

Private School Interview Prep

Leave it to us to make sure that your child shines on their interview day! By engaging with different members of the Amore team, we will make sure your child is comfortable and confident in conversation so that their true personality comes through when they meet with schools. Are you sick of hearing yourself say, “Remember honey… EYE CONTACT!” Don’t worry, we got you.

Seeking something else?

Do you need support with something else?  We can customize your package to ensure you get exactly the support you need.  

Mix and Match

We also offer the flexibility to mix and match what you need. Maybe it’s 40% parenting support and 60% reading instruction. Whatever your family needs–we’re here to help!

Please note that everything we discuss with your family is entirely confidential and will not be shared with any individuals outside of the Amore Consulting Team.

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