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Help us bring after-school enrichment to a school in need
While many families cannot afford for their child to participate in engaging and creative after-school enrichment classes, every child deserves the chance to discover their love of learning!

With your gift, we can bring an Amore Learning program to students at an underserved school in DC for a full semester.
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Why Give?
It costs $500 per semester to conduct an after-school enrichment program for 10 students for a semester. This includes the cost of expert instructors and all student supplies.

As part of our social impact initiative—Amore 4 All—Amore Learning handles all of the organizing and coordination associated with the class (hiring the instructor, the curriculum, etc) free of cost. 
But we can't do this alone.

A child's academic success shouldn't depend on where you go to school or how much money your parents have. Give today to provide 10 students in DC the opportunity to discover their love of learning. 
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