Our DC-based team offers enrichment classes, tutoring services, and education consulting. We like to keep it fresh, so check back often. 


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Introducing the Amore Academy! Each package includes working with an Amore-trained instructor who will follow the curriculum of your child’s school and provide an innovative supplemental learning experience at the comfort of your own home. Instructors will be thoughtfully and intentionally matched with each unique family/pod so that love of learning persists even in these uncertain times!


10 hours per week

1 student - $1000 / week

2 students - $1300 / week

3 students - $1650 / week

4 students - $2000 / week

5 students - $2250 / week

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25 hours per week 
1 student - $2000 / week
2 students - $3500 / week
3 students - $4500 / week
4 students - $5000 / week
5 students - $5500 / week

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15 hours per week
1 student - $1275 / week
2 students - $2250 / week
3 students - $2925 / week
4 students - $3300 / week
5 students - $3375 / week

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The fiiiine print

  • Minimum of 4 week commitment

  • All classes will be held outside as weather permits

  • We will transition to indoor learning provided that all individuals are masked 

  • Sessions are in-person, but in case of sickness, may be used virtually so you never miss a session

  • Amore instructors will adhere to the schedule and curriculum of each students’ school 

  • We will have a comprehensive COVID-19 safety plan in place, in keeping with CDC guidelines. At a minimum, lessons will be conducted outside when possible, and all individuals will wear masks when indoors

  • We require that all families commit to following CDC guidelines for your safety as well as that of our instructors

Enrichment classes

Our enrichment classes go above and beyond what's possible in the traditional school classroom. Contact us →

Creative Writing

Whether your child is an avid writer or you hope they will become one, we promise a fun, imaginative, and confidence-building time! We focus on having fun while boosting writing skills in a warm, nurturing, and exciting environment, all for the love of learning. 


Letting loose, breathing, and doing yoga poses puts the mind in a beautiful place for learning to happen! Our yoga classes are innovative and creative and we often supplement Yoga workshops with other hands-on activities such as origami-making or poetry journaling. 


Allow your child's imagination to run free! Our teaching artists will teach kids to explore the joy of acting. They will be introduced to many theatre games and exercises used to explore character, settings, dialogue and so much more. Students of all experience levels are encouraged to explore new outlets for creativity, expression and confidence in a supportive environment. These budding thespians are sure to have lots of fun and will finish off each semester with a performance for family and friends!

Fashion Design

Calling all fashion-lovers! In this course, each child will design their very own fashion line. Beginning with creating a brand name and logo, kids will explore the world of fashion and self-expression by creating attire and accessories for different occasions. We will also focus on the importance of a mission and helping to support and promote charities, because as we all know, kindness never goes out of style! Guest speakers from the fashion world will join each week to share about their experience. Our final class will culminate with a fashion show!

Additional offerings

We also offer individual tutoring, small group learning, and kindergarten readiness. Contact us →


Individual tutoring is offered in a variety of subjects, in the comfort of your home or in Georgetown. Tutoring is tailored to your child's individual needs and goals. Our focus is on inspiring your child to love what they are learning and our sessions reflect this by being creative, engaging, and differentiated!

Small Group Learning

Tutoring is also offered in predetermined small groups. This works best in groups of 2-5 children, when all participants are focusing on the same subject matter. For example, if you and another parent or a group of parents would like your children to focus on similar subjects, we will work with them together. This can be especially fun for the children. We make sure to provide an equal balance of work and play! Our goal is that participating in small group learning will boost your child's skills, confidence, and willingness to focus on the subject.

Kindergarten Readiness

Kindergarten is a very special time for children and their families. It is also a time when families can feel stressed about preparing appropriately, and that's where we come in! If your child is entering school in the coming weeks, months, or even years, we can help them get ready for the fun that awaits by learning and practicing letters and numbers, familiarizing them with books, preparing for further socialization, and boosting their excitement and enthusiasm for the learning adventure to kick off. In turn, we find that their families are able to enjoy this special time to the fullest.