Frequently Asked Questions 

Your Creative Writing courses are open to all elementary school students. Kindergarten - 5th grade is a wide age range. How is the curriculum developmentally appropriate for all?


Yes, K-5 includes a wide range of writing skills and this is one of the most exciting parts about offering this course. The activities are differentiated so that each student approaches the work in a unique way, depending on their skill level and experience. For example, if the daily activity is creating a character, a student in Kindergarten or 1st grade might draw an illustration of their character, add labels, describe the character's hobbies, and perhaps tell a simple story about the character, while a student in 4th or 5th grade could list character traits and even begin a chapter book about the character. The older students in the class typically love serving as role models for the younger ones and showcasing their talents, while the younger ones really look up to them and enjoy their interactions. All students are encouraged to share their work with peers for encouragement and recognition. In addition to academic growth and increased enthusiasm for writing, friendships form across grade levels, which is thrilling to witness and support. 


My child is resistant to writing. How would they handle the Creative Writing course?


Creative Writing is designed for students who love nothing more than writing, and those who would rather do just about anything in the world than take a pencil to paper. The course is geared toward having FUN with the writing process. In the past, Creative Writing students who were not excited to begin class have left the course with a whole new positive attitude about the joys of writing! 


My child is an impressive writer. How can I make sure they are challenged?


Our goal is to promote confidence and growth, and your child's writing will only become more impressive with extra practice and enthusiasm! Because the coursework is differentiated, students have the ability to work at their own paces and to complete varying end-products. Your child will receive hands-on support, individualized attention, and encouragement, regardless of their skill level. They can be challenged as far as they will go! 


Do you offer private Creative Writing sessions?


Yes, absolutely! Creative Writing takes place in organized classes on the given dates, and we also offer the opportunity to focus one-on-one with Creative Writers or a predetermined small group of writers. 


Does private tutoring of any kind take place in our home or yours?


Both options are available. We are located in Georgetown, and are also more than happy to come to your home if this is the easiest option for your family. In this case, we recommend having a set writing space in your home so that children are focused and not easily distracted by other family members, pets, or favorite toys!

(Costs will vary depending on location.)


My child and a friend both need tutoring help. Can we arrange for them to be tutored together?


Definitely! We are open to any arrangements that can best promote success. Tutoring with a friend can be especially fun, and we also strive to make sure that, while having fun with the process, we stay on topic and focused. 


Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any additional questions! 

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